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Abundance – What is it really?

Abundance is a mind-set.

Let me take a step back. Abundance is one of the most subjective words we can use when talking about manifesting (the Law of Attraction) or simply focusing on what we wish to change in our lives. What’s “abundance” for me may not be “abundance” for you, and vice versa. Nobody’s definition of what abundance actually means needs to be the same, and that’s the beauty of it.


Because Abundance is a mind-set. Abundance is aligned with infinite possibility.

The opposite of abundance is lack. Lack is also a mind-set. Lack is aligned with limitation, as in, limited resources. Limitation leads to hoarding, guarding, and protecting. Think of the animal kingdom. When one animal has the bone, it protects it (called resource guarding) when it feels or experiences life as scarce. But when there is plenty, resource guarding falls by the wayside. This is the difference between the mind-sets of Abundance and Lack.

Abundance: When there is an experience of plenty (not just “enough”), then there is no guarding, hoarding, or protecting. There is freedom or expansion.
Lack: When there is an experience of not enough (or “just enough”), then there is contraction. 

In order to embrace a mind-set of abundance, there are two things you can do:

  1. Look to your inner circle of friends and family, and identify who already practices an Abundance mind-set. Spend time with them, ask them questions, invite them to mentor you and teach you. Let them share themselves with you (I promise you, they already know that there is plenty for everyone, they will not mind sharing their wisdom); and
  2. Ask yourself the questions: Do I believe there is plenty, or do I believe there is never enough? Do I believe there is possibility, or do I believe that potential is limited? Ask these questions about: love, health, wealth, and see what answers you come up with.

We don’t automatically change a Lack mind-set to an Abundance mind-set by simply deciding to do so. We need to address the systemic obstacles and beliefs that would trip us up and get us stuck along the way. Once we’ve begun this, we can begin to apply all sorts of tools to invite more abundance into our lives, in a way that is meaningful and unique to us. As I said, how abundance manifests for me, may not be the same for you.

But what’s absolutely true is that the energy of Abundance is the same for everybody, and that’s what matters.

“Abundance is aligned with infinite possibility.”

Invite it in, and watch what happens…

When I hung up the new bird feeder outside the kitchen window, this is exactly what I hoped for.

Look at this handsome specimen! Alas, I think the below zero temps have frozen the seed block, but at least he knows where it is now, when the sun warms things up.

I find inspiration in nature, in everything all around me … and sometimes I invite it closer, like with the bird feeder. Sometimes (most of the time, perhaps), the Field of Dreams adage is the one to live by: “If you build it, they will come.”

Make it, build it, create it … it’s all an invitation, isn’t it? Invite it in. Extend the hand, and watch out your proverbial kitchen window, as everything arrives.

What You Do Is Not Who You Are

When we meet someone for the first time, we often ask: What do you do? The response almost always starts with “I am a _________,” which is actually a statement of who we are. But that’s not who we are… that’s what we do.

Example: I am a writer, a life coach, an author, a teacher, a therapist… the list can go on and on. I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend. It continues: I am a woman, an optimist, a lover, a truth-teller. You can see where I’m going. But none of those things ARE me. They are what I do, or they are who I am in relation to someone or something else. And it’s the same for every single person on the planet.

We need these titles or labels in order to relate to one another and form some sort of basis for understanding, communication, and connection. However, once that’s established, it seems that we would be better served if we dropped all labels entirely and remember that everyone we meet is a human, who probably experiences a lot of the same emotions and thoughts we experience, regardless of how they define their “what,” how they dress, or even what they believe (to name just a few “categories”).

We are all so beautifully and amazingly different in our expression of self. And yet, at our cores we have uniquely human experiences in common:

  • the shared grief of loss,
  • the unifying joy of celebration,
  • the collective concern inherent in fear, and
  • the contentment of love and connection.

I am fortunate. My work affords me the opportunity to remember this truth time and again. Regardless of all the measurable demographics or categories we have to define ourselves, the commonality of our emotional lives never ceases to amaze me.

In fact, it’s the miracle of being human that we can be infinitely diverse, while also being incredibly similar. Thankfully. Perhaps, then, we can celebrate this gift by asking people what they do, and then following it up by getting to know who they actually are. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  🙂