Evidence of Angels Among Us

There are angels among us. Every day. They take different shapes and forms, and sometimes they appear for only one singular moment of interaction, but they’re there. How do I know? I’ve met them. Or rather, they’ve found me when I needed them.

Angel Wax Painting

“Believe” by Bettina Faulkner

You see, angels aren’t just what we imagine them to be or as we’ve seen in the movies: ethereal winged creatures with some human characteristics like faces and hands. No, angels are better described as moments. Moments that are delivered to us via everything and anything from those ethereal beings to humans themselves. Or dogs. Or birds. Or butterflies. Or anything you come across in your day that gives you exactly what you need to remember who you are, and that you are loved.

Angels are messages of inspiration and hope. They are the gentle reminders that make us smile all the way down to our toes.

I met one such angel the other day. She was offering coconut cluster samples at Costco. I wasn’t even going to go down her aisle, but something made me turn around and walk past her. As she saw me approaching, she left her table and sought me out. She said that she “just had to tell me that I had the best smile” and that I “sparkled.” And then she went on to tell me that she “doesn’t lie, because she’s too old to remember anything but he truth.” (I loved that line, by the way. So humble and witty in a single phrase.)

She was my angel today. In a single moment, when I was feeling tired and low (the result of recovering from food poisoning), she reminded me I was loved and appreciated for just being me. For doing nothing more than walking the aisle at Costco, pushing a cart and turning down an aisle I had no need to visit, for just being there.

That’s what angels do. They remind us that we are magical for just being. That we are worthy for just breathing. And that we are appreciated for simply smiling.

I’ve seen angels all over the world in numerous different forms, and I am always grateful for the love they bring me in a single moment, for the reminders they gift me.

Angel Wax Painting

“Shimmering Angel” by Bettina Faulkner

After our little chat, I asked today’s angel if I could give her a hug, and she smiled back, “yes, of course!” We hugged in the middle of Costco surrounded by gargantuan boxes of snacks, and when I let go I told her “you made my day… I appreciate you.” To which she replied, “that’s all I could ever want.”

That’s all any of us could ever want: to be reminded of who we are, and to be appreciated for it. What a gift! Thank you, my angel.

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