Resentment and Intimacy

I was talking with a client about resentment a while back, and we explored how it can creep in unnoticed and then blindside us. Resentment creates a false sense of righteousness, which inevitably leads to more disconnection. That means: you cannot have an intimate relationship with someone you resent.

Unfortunately, unaddressed resentment will always grow. So, it’s even more important to develop an awareness to it and not just brush things under the rug.

4 thoughts on “Resentment and Intimacy

  1. Franny Harcey

    Martina, thank you for your words of wisdom. I love how your words as so thought provoking. As I look within I ponder how to find those little pieces of things that I may hold on to and not think of them as resentment, pondering how to bring to the surface and really unveil them. Time to clean and clear my personal essence of aspects that hold me bound, I see that they are not serving me and what I am here to do. Thank you for shining a light to support growth for me and I imagine others.

    1. Martina Post author

      Thank you so much for such a thoughtful reply. I’m so glad my words have inspired you. And I appreciate you sharing in return. xo


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