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Happy Accidents

Accidents happen, and rarely do we call them “happy.” Then something comes along to change that and suddenly they become ‘Happy Accidents.’ But we never know they’re actually “happy” until after the fact. 

This is a simple truth about a lot of life. Hindsight is the tool that allows us to take perspective and choose new adjectives, right?

Earlier today I tried to trim my own (long, overgrown and frustrating) bangs. But I ended up taking off a lot more than I had planned (because I’m not a hairstylist – duh). I thought it would be simple, and it wasn’t. My “trim” resulted in weird blunt wonky pieces of hair draped in front of my eyes. 

Somewhat laughing, I called my hairdresser, but she was too busy. However, she referred me to someone else she works with who had some time available today, and… voila! My blunder became a ‘happy accident’ in the form of a totally new hairstyle that I love.
I love when something unplanned (and potentially frustrating) turns into something unexpectedly awesome, don’t you? It happens more than we realize or acknowledge though. Unfortunately, we are a bit too programmed to focus on the “bad” or frustrating bit, rather than enjoying the positive change. I see it daily… people seem to be more and more hard-wired to complain, than they are to celebrate or enjoy. It’s almost as if we’re not allowed to truly be happy with our lives. 

Hindsight gives us a choice, though. It allows us to look back and change the adjective, and thereby change the experience. People say we can’t change the past, but that’s not entirely true. Because we can change how we feel about the past, which, in essence, changes it in our memories. It’s a superpower too few people are exercising. 

Now, to be clear, this is not about denying an event or creating revisionist history. Facts are facts. But how we feel about the facts can be updated. It can be modified through a shift in perspective, turning something frustrating or difficult into something neutral, or even positive. 

It’s not always easy, mind you. Sometimes it takes a fair amount of work, but the guarantee is that it’s always worth it. Why? Because low vibration emotions take a lot more energy than high-vibration, or even neutral, memories. Shifting perspective and attributing new feelings to something that has already happened frees up the emotional, mental, and energetic space inside you that had been given over to maintaining the complaint. And that, is a very happy accident, indeed. 

Windows of Opportunity

We all have them: windows of opportunity. Often, though, we are looking at them in hindsight with regret, only recognizing their potential once the window has mostly, if not completely, closed.

Why does this happen?
Why don’t we see it, or trust it, when it first opens?

I believe that much of the reason why we don’t jump at the opportunities presented to us is because we simply aren’t ready, and these windows of opportunity arrive in order to help us become more ready over time.

Seeing life in this way instantly turns regret into gratitude. It opens us up to progress, rather than spending our time in process.

When we’re open to progress, we are fine-tuning ourselves through mindfulness and awareness. We’re eliminating the noise of that which no longer serves us in order to make room for the joy of possibility for that which is wholly aligned with our soul.

And that’s when the magic happens.

Once we start shifting our perspective to one of possibility and progress, we allow for more and more windows to open. In fact, we actually start opening them ourselves.

Triggers and Opportunities

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend during which I got triggered. Badly.

You see, we all have this stuff. Stuff that comes up from our past (or past lives) that serve as hot buttons for us and exacerbate our emotions in a way that is inconsistent with the actual stimulus of what’s going on.

The easy way to say that?

Triggers are what happens when we react in a disproportionate manner to whatever just happened, because we’re caught up in our own stuff, emotionally.

So, what happened with me? I was having a fun conversation with someone I care about regarding the changes I am making in my own life for greater health and wellness, and suddenly… Boom! Triggered. I can’t say exactly what did it, but there I was, heading into my reptilian brain (fight, flight, freeze), and losing my grasp on the actual conversation, and that’s ok. It’s what we all do. It’s normal.

Here’s the cool thing though: After I recognized what was going on, rather than continuing on the path of reaction I chose to tell my friend that I was stepping away from the conversation, because it was triggering me.

The simple act of recognizing and owning what was going on gave me enough pause and perspective to choose something else.

Yes, I was still being triggered, and yes, I was still in a semi-emotional state, but I was engaging with it, rather than pushing it away. Then the most awesome thing happened: I said to my friend, “this is a learning moment for me.” And it was! I suddenly realized I could use the trigger to re-engage in a healthy manner with something I had stuffed away. Hooray!

I finally see triggers as a gift. Yup, a gift. They’re an opportunity for us to look at, accept, and let go of something that is keeping us from being our whole selves. They are obstacles on our path of life that we put in place long ago, and often continue to reinforce by fearing them and stuffing them when they show up.

Instead of giving them that level of disconnection, if we look at them as opportunities to learn and move forward they become springboards for us to jump further down our path more easily. We end up leapfrogging in our growth and understanding.

So, those obstacles that looked like boulders are now trampolines that we can use to propel ourselves further along with less effort and more flow. How cool is that?

Triggers as opportunities. I’m liking it. 🙂

Knock knock…..who’s there?


What do you do if you’re awakened by your mind at roughly 3am for 3 nights in a row? Well, if you’re me, for the first two nights, you roll over, say “not now,” and go back to sleep – rather uncomfortably. By the third night, however, you sit up and take notice and accept the fact that inspiration has come to visit. It would be rude (and rather stupid) to keep ignoring the call.

Some say that the ‘veil’ between the physical world and the spiritual world is thinnest around 3 or 4 am. That if there are messages to receive, they will most readily and easily be ‘heard’ during that time frame. Heck, Dr. Wayne Dyer makes it a practice to be up and meditating during the thinned veil time, and look at what he’s accomplished! But I like my sleep. I need my sleep, so

it took three nights for me to heed the call!  …….And I’m ever so glad I did!

Not only do I have the idea and design completely mapped out for an entirely new workshop on authenticity that will be fantastic! (I can’t wait to share it with you!)  I am also writing this piece on opportunity. Knock knock, indeed.

What strikes me about opportunity lately is the realization that it knocks many many different ways. Sometimes we recognize it, sometimes we don’t. Here’s the bit that fascinates me however:

even when we recognize it, we often don’t know what to do!

It’s true! Suddenly, that open door that we’ve been praying and hoping for is before us, and we find ourselves speechless and motionless, seemingly unable to walk through it. Why? Is it fear of what’s on the other side? Fear of losing what’s known (and comfortable) on this side? Or is it something else combined with fear? Something like: lack of acceptance and preparation.

You see, if you’re at all like me (which if you’re human you probably are), then all the hoping and dreaming in the world doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the day the dreams have the potential to become reality. Why? Because the energy has been in the desire, not the acceptance. Wait. What?

The energy has been in the desire, not the acceptance.

Desiring something keeps it at arm’s length. It keeps it external to your reality. Accepting something makes it real…allows it to be received

So, there’s a reason manifesting incorporates receiving. Because asking is only half of the process. Receiving is the next step. The energy shifts and what was once desired is now possible.

As for opportunities. They can be tricky little buggers. The beauty is that if something is meant to be, the Universe conspires to make it happen and will provide numerous opportunities for you to walk through that door. They’ll range from the quiet subtle hints (like hearing something on the radio that ‘happens’ to be just what you were thinking about – coincidence?), to the blatant slaps upside the head, such as receiving a message in your inbox from someone reaching out to connect with you, be it for a job, a conversation or a relationship.

Opportunities are all around us. They abound. The Universe conspires to give us the best life imaginable from where we are today: a life of love, joy, wellness, prosperity and connection. What we have to do is learn to recognize them better, and accept them when they show up, by walking through that door. After all, anything is possible. Whether it’s probable, however, depends on what we do when opportunity shows up.

A New Page

A friend of mine recently took a yoga class where the instructor typically shares a thought for the day at the end of the class. She told me about what he said, and I thought it was a great idea that I wanted to pass on and expand upon. He said that when he was younger, he always looked forward to the start of school in the Fall. Each year he would begin his classes with new pens, new pads of paper, new erasers – all the school supplies he needed to learn, read, write and grow. And it was the “newness” of it all that made him smile. That’s what he remembers most. He has translated that into being able to look at a ream of blank paper today and see all the possibilities that lie in that blank, new supply.

Furthermore, he has taken this idea a step further to recognize that each morning, there is a new piece of paper on which he can write his script for the day. Each day is new and brings new possibilities – a fresh start. Lovely.

I’d like to take this notion even further and say that if yesterday’s paper is still around – we must take care with what we do with it. When you finish a day, do you throw the paper away? Do you file it? Do you shred it? Or do you fold it neatly into a small package that you carry with you for the rest of your life? Well, with some things, I imagine we’d want to carry the paper with us. Like when we get married, or have a child, or celebrate other of life’s momentous occasions. But what happens when we carry all the pieces of paper with us, including those that were not so momentous, or life-enhancing? If each day is a piece of paper in itself, and you are 40 years old, you’d be carrying 14,600 pieces of paper with you every day. Do the math: that’s 29.2 reams of paper — In other words, a file cabinet!!

So – what can we do with the papers of yesterday? Well, we have options. We can create a “file cabinet” of sorts, and store everything – or we can choose what we save (and might want to revisit) and what we discard. Either way, it’s about choice. Just as every morning we can wake up and choose to pull out a fresh piece of paper and write a new script.

THree THings

Body – How heavy is the load of old paper you are carrying? Is it manifesting physically in your body?

Mind – What possibilities can you dream up in your mind for today’s piece of paper? What opportunities exist that you haven’t yet created?

Spirit – A blank piece of paper is pure. It’s white, light and bright. Your spirit is pure in the same way. When we write on something so pure, and imprint it with color and ink, are we consciously choosing what marks we want to make – is someone choosing for you?